Which System Should I Use?

August 19th 2020

By: LiveLink

Which Clinical System Should I Use?

Today I want to talk about systems. Specifically, clinical systems. The majority of our clients are healthcare clinics. I know clinical systems very well, having used them for gosh, 10, 11 years in private practice and in my business.  
It’s complicated with so many systems available. Which clinical system should I use?
We have many people contacting us, enquiring about our service. A question we’re often asked is what system should we use? We make suggestions, such as Cliniko, Write Upp, TM3, PracticePal. There are literally hundreds of clinical systems that do a very good job. Sometimes, people are looking for a system that is free as they see no value in paying for something.

Questions To Consider

Now, I’ve got a few questions I’d like to raise about not wanting to pay for a system for your own business. A system to make your business work for you.
  • Do you want management information?
  • Do you want the appointment booking to be flexible?
  • Do you have multiple sites?
  • Do you have multiple staff/clinicians/therapists?
  • Do you want to take payment?
  • Do you want to use it for marketing?
  • Does it need to integrate with other systems?
If we consider that many clinical systems are not very expensive. They range between £15 a month up to £70, £80 a month for something very complex. So for the sake of £15 a month, which is what? £180 a year? £180 a year, which is about the cost of four or five appointments.
Why wouldn’t you invest £180 in your business to make it work well and make things easier for you. It seems to me, to be very counter intuitive.
I understand that funds are very low. Of course, when you’re starting up and you have to start pretty lean, but this is not the area to save your pennies.
Particularly, when you’ll think, in a couple of years time that this free system may not be doing what you want it to do. You’ll be in a very different place. So now you’re going to be looking at one that costs around £15 a month. Moving everything across will be fun and games. So much so, you’ll wish you’d started off paying for something decent.

Data Protection and GDPR

Don’t forget data protection, GDPR confidentiality, because we are talking clinical data here. So please, when you’re thinking of systems, don’t immediately think of getting a freebie. Spend a small amount of money because you will never regret it.
The functionality of a system that costs a small amount of money will provide much better value.
It will work for you. It will provide you with the management information that you need for your business to run effectively. A free system is not going to do that.
When you’re setting up your clinic and the equipment that you need in the clinic – it’s expensive. The couches, equipment etc… Your systems need to be factored into the equation. Not an after thought that can be done on the cheap. This will be the engine room of your business. Without this, your clinic won’t run at all.
Why would you skimp on something so critical…

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