What Does A Call Answering Service Cost?

June 29th 2020

By: LiveLink

What does a call answering service cost?

Asking what a call answering service costs is like asking how long it will take to run a marathon. Running a marathon depends on many things. How fit someone is, how much practice they’ve had, weather conditions at the time and much more. There’s no straightforward answer.
Most call answering companies base their business model on time. As a rule of thumb, the longer the call, the more money it costs.
It is also dependent on their location and the wages of the country that the call centre is based in.
Another element is how specialist the calls will be. If a call needs the person answering to have knowledge of the product or service, it will incur higher fees.
Scripted message taking is generally cheaper. Call answering that needs the operator to learn systems is generally more expensive. The operator will need to have industry specific knowledge. Scripted message taking requires minimal operator knowledge. This is because the operator isn’t expected to use their initiative. Only follow the questions on the script within the contact without deviation. Just like reading from a page verbatim.
Scripted message taking would cost from £1 upwards. For more involved calls, this might be billed on a per minute basis. Anything between £1.20 up to £2.50 per minute. It’s a large range. For very bespoke call answering services, calls would be upwards from £3 a call. Cost could rise to £12 or £15 depending on the type of call, the call length and the complexity.

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