Are There Any Drawbacks of Using a Large Call Centre

March 7th 2020

By: LiveLink

Are there any drawbacks of using a large call centre?

A call centre will be a large operation with a large number of operators taking calls.

One example is Moneypenny.  With a turnover of £19 million a year, there will be many operators.  Any of which may take calls.  It is likely that they will operate in small teams and a smaller number of people will potentially answer your call.

Generally they will be scripted and may also have some canned responses.  Low cost call centres may look attractive based on price.  There will probably be a lot of background noise and the operators will be managed on their speed of getting through the call, so it could sound rushed.

It is unlikely that the operators will have an in-depth knowledge of the businesses that they are answering calls for.  The answers to callers questions may be limited as may any interaction between the operators and the business.

It can be hard to hand your business to a complete stranger to work with. Somebody else will be answering your calls on your behalf, and you don’t have control about how these are being answered. So there has to be a trust element on both sides. It is always a good idea to speak to some existing customers of the company. And look at the social proof such as testimonials to see whether you think they are going to be the right company for you.

Pricing is not always clear. Some companies may charge per call or they may charge per bulk of calls. But there could also be some hidden charges.  There may be additional charges to send an email and a text.  Call transfer fees will vary between companies. Aa personalized voicemail on the system for out of hours calls could incur additional fees. There could be a fee for the initial setup, Saturday cover or after 6pm. Plus, a monthly management charge added on to the bill too.

For companies that need their calls answered and little else, a call centre could be a great cost-effective option.


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