How Do We Know What You Do?

January 8th 2021

By: LiveLink

How Will You Know What I Do?

This is a question we are asked quite a lot.  How will we know what you do?  How will we understand your business and why your clients are calling you?

The simple answer is, we ask you.

We need to know as much about you and your company as possible.  The more we know, the happier your callers will be.  Your callers are the most important people in our opinion.

Everything is made as simple as possible for you.  As a minimum, we will email a data form which asks for basic information such as contact details, opening times, prices, login information for systems, important clients etc…

This is followed up with a Zoom/Skype call.  It’s the time where we understand the intricacies of your business.

Examples of this are access to a clinic.  Door widths, small steps for disabled access.  Covid information.  Whether masks are required or if patients need to remain outside.  Is there a consent form that we need to send to the patient prior to their appointment? Do you want payment made at the time of making the appointment.

With the advent of Covid-19, access to clinics has changed.  There would be a discussion with you about patient triage.  Do you need us to advise your patient prior to their appointment about infection control, consent etc… What is the guidance from your governing body.   What are your requirements are to protect both you and your patient.  Whilst at the same time, encouraging them to attend the appointment.

Home visits – which locations do you cover.  When do you visit those areas.

All the information is used to populate a contact record on our call system.  Every time someone calls for you, all your up-to-date information is at hand.  When you have any updates and changes, these will be implemented immediately. Nothing ever stands still!

The longer we work together, the more we become an integral part of your business.


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