Stop guessing! This is a day in the life of a VA?

November 11th 2016

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Stop guessing! This is a day in the life of a VA?
Written by LiveLink
November 11th 2016
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Cock-a-doodle-doo! Another work day begins. The VAs arise from their peaceful slumber and prepare themselves for a day of busy-ness.

The phones go live at 8:00am; quotes, enquiries, advice. The VA must be prepared for all situations, armed only with a can-do attitude and a pen and paper. The VA works tirelessly to ensure all calls and requests are dealt with efficiently and carefully; every phone call is different but the quality of service is always the same.
Around 11am the VAs need a cup of tea. The group choose a most trustworthy person to bestow upon the task of making tea. VAs take tea very seriously.

Back to work. The phones have been ringing tirelessly all morning and the VAs show no signs of slowing down. “What’s that? You would like to cancel an appointment and rearrange it for another day between these very limited times that you are available… yes, that’s been done for you, Sir.” What might seem like a tricky task is no trouble for our dedicated VAs.
The smell of hot meals and packed lunches begins to creep in from the kitchen. Lunch time is here but the VAs never stop, because the phones are always ringing and a VAs work is never done. They work through the lunch period, consuming the VAs staple dietary needs: protein, fibre and cold callers (we also eat them for breakfast).
With their bellies full, the VAs start the afternoon stretch. This is a much quieter time for the VAs. They sit, staring longingly at the telephone. Waiting for someone to call who needs assistance. BRRRRRING! And they’re off!

When the phones are quiet the VAs spend time replying to emails, chasing invoices, making customer service calls – VAs HATE being bored. Sitting in silence in the office, gazing out of the window is not fun. The busier the better!

5pm is fast approaching, the VAs are working furiously to finish all of their work and tie up any loose ends that may have popped up during the day. No query is left unanswered. Ever. That is not the VA way.

7pm and the work day is complete. The VAs cheer and congratulate each other on their hard work. Still chipper and cheery, the VAs turn off the computers and hang up the phones. They tidy the desks and switch off the lights, and head home. The VA likes to celebrate a good day with cosy pyjamas and a glass of something special. Then it’s off to bed for a good night’s sleep, ready to face another day in the life of a VA.

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