What’s a Wow Wall?

October 6th 2023

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What’s a Wow Wall?
Written by LiveLink
October 6th 2023
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What’s a Wow Wall?

We all know that reviews are crucial for our business social proof.

And they are. They are fantastic for your potential clients as they can see all the good things that other people are saying about your product or service.

But what about your team?

Do they read or even see the reviews? Do they know how much they are appreciated and do they feel appreciated. As that’s such an important building-block for team building.

When your team really feel appreciated, they will want to do the best for you and your customers and clients.

There’s a simple way for your reviews and thanks to be constantly visible to your team.

And it’s as simple as sticking them on to a wall – just like a wall of post-it notes.

And that’s a Wow Wall!

An area that’s visible to all of your team where they can see everyday when they come into your business, how much they’re appreciated and respected by your clients.

And what do you do if you’re team is remote?

Do what we do – have a dedicated channel on Slack/Skype or whatever systems you use to display all of your love.

The great thing about this is when everything is going wrong in your day and you feel like it’s the end of the world, you can take a look at your Wow Wall and realise how good you are. And the bad stuff will pass – it’s just temporary.

Now where’s your Wow Wall?

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