What Happens When You Need to Cancel a Clinic?

October 1st 2023

2 minutes read

What Happens When You Need to Cancel a Clinic?
Written by LiveLink
October 1st 2023
Reading Time: 2 minutes

What happens when you need to cancel a clinic?

Often at short or no notice.

You have an emergency and the last thing you need or probably can do is start calling your patients and clients to re-book. And stop them arriving at your clinic to a find a ‘closed’ sign on the door.

The fastest way to get in touch with your appointments is by text. But can you be sure they will read it in time. Do you even have a mobile number for them?

If your emergency is that you need to take someone to hospital fast, you are not going to be able to log-in to your systems, find the individual patients or clients and start calling them.

Imagine if you have lost your voice and of course, the dreaded Covid.  That can leave you feeling as if you’ve been run over. What do you do then?

This is where not all call management/VAs are equal.

When deciding which company to use, ask them what they will do in this situation. Many companies (generally the call-centre type) can’t physically make outbound calls as their systems don’t have the flexibility to do them. This often comes as a surprise to people.

By giving them this scenario, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether they are the right company for you. Or not!

When we have a client contact us with this scenario (always a Monday!), we spring into action and send texts to cancel the appointments AND call them to save them a wasted journey. We will also offer alternative appointments and reschedule the appointment so that no business is lost.

If we’re unable to reach someone, we make multiple attempts to contact them so no-one slips through the net.

When looking for someone to manage your calls, you may think that this scenario will never happen to you. After running LiveLink for 12 years now, I promise you that one day it will and you will need help. So make sure you get the service that you need now and in the future.


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