We all need leadership – It’s your superpower

August 13th 2023

2 minutes read

We all need leadership – It’s your superpower
Written by LiveLink
August 13th 2023
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The Importance of Direction in Leadership

Leadership is probably quite a subjective topic.  Everyone has their ‘way’ of doing things and we are all just doing our best.  And I think we’re all guilty of confusing management/direction/leadership.  I know I am.

Here’s my personal view.  It is just that, my ‘personal’ view and opinion.

So, here we go and let’s take a joyride into the magic of direction.

Have you ever stumbled upon a hidden gem in a charity shop?  Years ago I lived in Guernsey and you can imagine the quality of the clothes there.  I picked up a YSL dress.  Yes!  A genuine YSL dress and it felt amazing. And that’s how I feel when I get the sticky topic of leadership right.

Have you ever baked a cake from scratch without a recipe for the first time?

How did it go?  Unless you’re a candidate for Bake-Off, I imagine it was a bit of a mess.  Because you ddn’t have any direction.

When your team are not given a recipe book, the same thing will happen in your business too.  They will do their best, but it may well sink just like a sad Victoria sponge when the oven’s been opened too soon.

What is the difference between leading and managing?

Let’s chat about leading versus managing. Imagine you’re Simon Rattle conducting the , bringing together different instruments to create pure magic. That’s management – keeping the rhythm in check and ensuring all players are in tune. But leadership? That’s like being Brahms of the, infusing your unique vision into every note. It’s about igniting hearts and minds, not just checking off tasks.

Now, let’s go back to why direction is the secret recipe. Remember that time you had the most amazing customer service experience ever? It’s like getting a warm hug from your favorite blanket. You may have read my story about the rhubarb and custard donut. Direction is like that in leadership – it’s the backbone of exceptional customer service. When your team knows where you’re heading and how to get there, it’s like giving your customers the royal treatment.  What WOULD the best in the world do?

Direction isn’t about stifling creativity; t’s about channeling it. With direction, you’re handing your team a canvas and some paints, saying, “Go wild and surprise us!”

In a nutshell, leadership direction is like having a compass that never wavers. It keeps you on track even in the trickest times.

So, whether you’re leading a whole team of people or just yourself, direction and leadership are still important.  And as a business owner the good news is it’s down to you.  And that’s the bad news too.  It’s all down to you.


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