The Silent Heroes: Virtual Assistants in Healthcare Clinics

November 19th 2023

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The Silent Heroes: Virtual Assistants in Healthcare Clinics
Written by LiveLink
November 19th 2023
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The Silent Heroes: Virtual Assistants in Healthcare Clinics

We have written endlessly about how a VA supports healthcare clinics. What we don’t mention is how we enhance and support the existing onsite administration team.

One of the biggest obstacles for a clinic owner and the VA is the scepticism and fear that the on-site team feel.

Fear as the on-site employee may feel that their job may be at risk. Scepticism that a VA cannot possibly understand how the clinic works or understand their patients.

Both of these points are unfounded. A VA will allow the on-site team to do jobs that are far more interesting and the more mundane and routine tasks will be fulfilled by the VA. This will also help clinic growth without adding more costs to the payroll.

The VA can fill the tricky and often messy bit of having too much work for the current team, but not enough work to justify hiring another employee.

We work with a number of clinics that also have on-site reception and admin teams. From experience, we’ve found it’s important for the on-site team to be involved with our team. The occasional Zoom meeting is always helpful so that both teams can develop a relationship with each other.

There have been a couple of instances over the past few years when the relationship between the onsite team and our team has been fractious. It is absolutely vital that the clinic owner ensures that their employees are onboard as otherwise, the relationship with the VA will fail.

Working with a VA never has to be ‘all or nothing’. A VA can pick up your overflow calls when your receptionist is busy or having lunch. Deal with your sales enquiries when they don’t have the time and sometimes, don’t have the expertise either to make sales calls.

A VA is your silent hero. Sitting in the background to enable your clinic to run like clockwork – enhancing and supporting your team.

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