The nightmare before Christmas………. But it doesn’t have to be”

December 24th 2023

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The nightmare before Christmas………. But it doesn’t have to be”
Written by LiveLink
December 24th 2023
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The nightmare before Christmas………. But it doesn’t have to be”

Virtual Assistants are here for you every step of the way and what a more fitting way to send you into the merriment than a little traditional poem, tweaked to reflect the background cheerleaders!

‘Twas the night before busy, and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The tasks were piling up, the schedule looked tight,
But fear not, dear reader, for help is in sight!

With a bleep and a bloop, a virtual assistant appeared,
Ready to assist, its purpose was clear.
No need to worry, no need to fret,
For this digital helper had not failed us yet.

“Hey there,” it chimed, in a voice so serene,
“I’m here to assist, to keep your tasks clean.
From setting reminders to checking the weather,
I’m at your service, and we’ll tackle it together.”

No more searching through papers or endless appointments,
The virtual assistant sorted through tasks like a pro, no disappointments.
“Schedule that patient, reply to those mails,
I’ll handle the details, while you set the sails.”

With a quick calculation and a witty retort,
The virtual assistant made efficiency a sport.
“Book in that client, proofread that text,
I’ll make sure your work is nothing but next.”

As the night grew darker, the workload grew lighter,
Thanks to the assistant, a true digital fighter.
No more stress, no more strife,
Just a virtual companion, enhancing your life.

So, on this night before chaos, take a moment to cheer,
For the virtual assistant that’s always near.
A helper, a guide, a true digital elf,
Merry productivity to all, and to all, good virtual health!

Here’s to you Christmas carolling, your groaning bellies, full glasses and having the most wonderful time!

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