Reputation is Everything – isn’t it?

July 30th 2023

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Reputation is Everything – isn’t it?
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July 30th 2023
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Reputation is Everything – isn’t it

It’s been a bit of a week for James Martin and his PR team will have been in overdrive minimising damage to his reputation.

Without going into the rights and wrongs of his situation, it did make me think about reputation and small business.

Thankfully for us, we are not in the public eye and we don’t have constant scrutiny, but, we are at the whim of reviews and review sites.

Around 4 years ago we were blessed with a One Star Google review.  It was from someone completely unknown to us but obviously wasn’t a fan.  At the time I was shocked and very upset as I struggled to understand why anyone that had nothing to do with us as a company would do something like that.

I responded to the review (ALWAYS respond whether they’re good or bad) and moved on.

Everyone has a bad review at some point.  It may not be a true reflection of you or your service and if it is, it’s an opportunity to look at your service and improve it.  This might turn the bad review around and result in a very loyal customer if it’s done well.

Just think when someone gives a rubbish review that is unjustified that it could have been written by this lady who complained to Thomas Cook.

British woman, 81, claims Benidorm holiday was ruined by too many Spanish people

Not everyone is reasonable or behaves as you’d expect them to.  A handful of poor reviews is inevitable – particularly if you have been in business for a number of years.

I will confess I love James Martin.  I schlepped over to the Good Food Show in Birmingham just to get a glance of his gorgeousness 🙂

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