Rapid Follow-Up Method

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We know that responding to leads fast is so important to clinic growth. The likelihood is that people send enquiries to multiple clinics, particularly when they are in pain. You need to be the first person to respond. Which means FAST before your competitor reaches them.

That’s not easy when leads can drop into your inbox, socials or live chat at any time of the day, and it is impossible for you to respond quickly because you have other things you need to do.

Research shows that leads degrade very quickly over a 24-hour period. That means the chance of converting a lead after just a few hours is slim.

We designed the Rapid Follow-Up Method. Contacting your enquiry within 20 minutes of the enquiry. This puts you ahead of your competition and will increase the likelihood of you having a new patient.

We will help you manage your enquiries by organizing and tracking them. Helping you to stay on top of your workload and ensure that each enquiry is responded to in a timely and efficient manner. That’s Rapid Follow-Up.

To ease you into 2023, the first month will be an introductory cost of just £150.

Our GUARANTEE is that we will refund you your monies if it doesn’t work for you. No questions asked.

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A video introduction from Wendy

How it works/What you will get?

  • Check Contact your enquiries WITHIN 20 MINUTES to have the best chance of converting your enquiry into a new patient.
  • Check Respond to your web, email, live chat and social enquiries
  • Check Keep in contact with the lead over an agreed period of time by phone, email and text
  • Check Use your existing CRM system or we can set up a system for you – you will have total transparency
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We have been looking after and supporting clinics just like yours for over eleven years. We have a lot of combined experience in customer service, sales, business processes and marketing. We will share our knowledge with you. Be a friend who you can ask for help from – someone who can virtually put their arm around your shoulder so that you don’t feel alone. Owning a business can be a very lonely place and we are here for you.

Our Ladies in Red Hats are all very experienced customer service and sales specialists that use initiative and won’t constantly ask you questions. Whether you’re right at the cusp of your business journey or a few years along the line, you will have our knowledge at your fingertips.

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