Preparation, Preparation and more Preparation

August 20th 2023

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Preparation, Preparation and more Preparation
Written by LiveLink
August 20th 2023
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You can never do enough preparation.  Actually, that’s not quite true.  Some people are always preparing to do something and they just need to get on with it.  That’s procrastination.

I’m thinking about preparation for those big annual events.  Easter, summer holidays, Christmas and New Years eve.

These are the optimal times that people are looking for great quality gifts.

In summer, people want their feet to look great in pretty sandals before going on holiday.  Often they leave it far too late to book and are left feeling disappointed.

Christmas is similar in that a gift card is always a welcome present.

To take advantage of these milestones takes several weeks of preparation and marketing.  These are not areas where you want to start selling at the last minute and have all your marketing and products ready and waiting for you to push the ‘go’ button.

You already have an audience of willing buyers at your finger tips so you have a head start.

I’d suggest planning around 4 months ahead of the event so that there’s time to fill the gaps should any open up.

Take a tip from the fashionistas.  Their summer ranges are launched early springtime so they’re ready and waiting for excited buyers.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they plan over a year in advance.

Make a list of the notable times in your calendar and start planning what you can offer and at what point you need to start ‘selling’.

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