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We support clinics like yours

Juggling your patients and admin is a pain. There is always a compromise to make somewhere. You’re either missing calls to prioritise your patient, or you try to take the call during treatment. Neither is ideal.

The compromise can be your family time. Missed dinners, missed bedtimes, stress, irritability and loss of sleep. And you’re fast falling out with the clinic that you once loved.

Why compromise when we can be your right-hand gals managing your clinic remotely. The ‘face’ of your clinic. Your ambassador. Ensuring that your clinic is full, your patients cared for, and you have time to read that bedtime story.

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How it works/What you will get?

  • Check Appointment Booking
  • Check Payments and deposits taken
  • Check Rapid Follow-Up
  • Check Cancellation management
  • Check Email Management
  • Check Enquiries captured and contacted
  • Check Live chat response
  • Check And of course, we answer your calls too!

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Book Your Free Two-week Audit

We support clinics like yours

We have been looking after and supporting clinics just like yours for over eleven years. We have a lot of combined experience in customer service, business processes and marketing. We will share our knowledge with you. Be a friend who you can ask for help from – someone who can virtually put their arm around your shoulder so that you don’t feel alone. Owning a business can be a very lonely place and we are here for you.

Our Ladies in Red Hats are all very experienced customer service and sales specialists that use initiative and won’t constantly ask you questions. Whether you’re right at the cusp of your business journey or a few years along the line, you will have our knowledge at your fingertips.

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