Patient Loyalty

July 15th 2023

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Patient Loyalty
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July 15th 2023
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Patient Loyalty

Patient and client loyalty is priceless.

Finding new patients and clients is expensive so spending a little time and money retaining the ones you already help makes sense.

And in addition to that, a loyal patient and client is going to shout from the roof about you. It’s a winning combination.

I love volunteering.  I’m never ever going to climb mountains or run marathons to raise money for good causes, so I offer my time.  I run a weekly Chatty Cafe table at Cafe Marzano in Norwich.

Last Wednesday, I was standing in the queue at Cafe Marzano and realised that I would have a ‘free’ coffee that day as I’d filled up the stamp card. It made me feel good.

And that got me thinking about how this could work for small businesses and clinics.

The cards are cheap as chips to print but could be a great tool to encourage patient and client loyalty.  A complimentary appointment every 6 or 12 appointments.  Whatever works for you.

This is just one way in which you can encourage patient and client loyalty.  To find a new patient or client is always going to be so much more expensive than retaining a current one.  So the question is, what are you doing to encourage patient loyalty?

It doesn’t need to be anything expensive, or a ‘grand’ gesture.  Simple things done well and you can bet your competitors are unlikely to be doing much at all.

This link will take you to a few ideas to get those cogs working about what you can do to encourage patient loyalty Click this link

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