Never stop learning

December 27th 2017

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Never stop learning
Written by LiveLink
December 27th 2017
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Keep on learning!

We had an interesting situation just today. We have a new client who is a physiotherapist. He contacted us and asked us if we would do his appointment bookings for him as a remote receptionist, which of course we said, “Absolutely.”

He sent us the log-ins to his system, which is TM2. We use TM3 a lot, and we knew that something wasn’t quite right with this. I suggested to him that this wasn’t right, and he said, “But that’s what I’ve always used. I know it’s a bit limited.”

Because we use TM3 an awful lot and have a lot of other systems that we use with healthcare, I spoke to him again and said, “No, there’s something not right with this. You can’t do what you need it to do.  So, he gave me authorization to ring up TM2, TM3, and they told me that, yes, that was the TM2 system. I had been upgraded some time ago, and his hadn’t been.

Well, the upshot of this is that this particular man rang me today and said, “Thank you so much for telling me this and giving me that advice.”  His system was upgraded to TM3 for six months without charge.

If he’d contacted a general call answering company, the chances are, they would have had no idea that the calendar was incorrect. They probably wouldn’t have done anything about it. He would have carried on regardless because you don’t know what you don’t know and he would not have the use of the full system.

Because he contacted us, we understood that there was something wrong with this and we dealt with it. Has saved himself around 500 pounds for the next six months.

So, he’s a very, very happy man and I have a very happy client.

There’s a moral to this story somewhere. Understand your clients, understand the systems they may use and be helpful to them.

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