What Is A Trial Period and What is Included?

March 7th 2020

By: LiveLink

What exactly is a trial period and what are the rules (if any) around it?

Some companies will offer a free trial.  This can be anything from 7 days to 2 months dependent on the company.  It is generally for the full service that the company offers and is completely risk free to the client.

A trial period is to see if it’s something that suits you.  Whether this is the right company that will show off your company in a great light.  Whether you trust them to speak to your clients how you would speak to them.

The trial is often used as a marketing hook – to get you interested risk free.  It can also be a period of settling-in.  A time to learn about you and your systems.  After all, an employed receptionist is not going to know all about the business as soon as they sit down on the first day.  Neither will the remote reception.

Not all companies offer a free trial and whether it’s right for you or not, you could potentially be tied in for at least three months.

At the end of the trial period, you would receive a report taken from the telephone stats with the cost of the unbilled calls.  This is the point where you would need to decide to continue or try another company.

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