How Do You Set Up A Call Answering Service

July 20th 2020

By: LiveLink

How do you set up a call answering service?

When you consider if a call answering service is for you, you’ll have several questions you will want to ask.  Quite often, one of the first questions is, is it complicated to set up?

The answer is no – it isn’t hard at all.  It can be set up within a couple of hours.

It’s very easy to set up a call answering service. The first thing you need is a divert number. The divert number will be provided by the  call answering company. This number is exclusive to you. It connects your phone number with the call answering company system so that they can answer your calls.
There is no need to change your own telephone number.
A simple code is tapped into your standard telephone receiver. Your calls will then divert to the call answering company for them to answer on your behalf. The call answering company will give you two codes. One to divert all calls. The other to enable the phone to ring in your office and then divert after five or six rings.
Calls are answered in your own name as if the person answering the call was sitting in your office.
If you have a virtual VoIP number, this is managed through a web portal. The divert pathways are set up through the web portal.  It’s easier than it sounds!
To divert a mobile phone, follow the call forwarding instructions as per the instructions in the user manual.

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