Just Checking Your Emails?

April 14th 2023

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Just Checking Your Emails?
Written by LiveLink
April 14th 2023
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Are You Just Checking Your Emails – Again?

Emails.  That never-ending clutter in your inbox that never seems to go away.  Infact, week on week, it increases and like most people, the spam content is high.

What’s the first thing you do every morning?  Don’t worry, this isn’t a pilot for a new Channel 4 programme.  It’s far more mundane than Naked Education.

I bet that one of the very first things you do every morning is look at your socials and then your emails.  It’s become as habit forming as brushing our teeth and is not an easy habit to break.

Now this might sound a bit controversial, but when you are growing your business, checking your emails first thing in the morning is doing you a disservice.


The minute you look at your emails to see how many patients and clients have emailed you, you’re then dancing to their agenda.  When it should be yours.  You need to be in control of your time.  Your emails could also set your tone and attitude for the day ahead.  Who wants to start the day feeling irritable or anxious?

Of course, there will be some emails that only you can deal with.  But anything to do with appointments, calendars and basic enquiries do not need to be dealt with by you. Neither do niggles and general moans and groans.

Outsourcing your emails and inbox functionality makes perfect sense.  A VA will be faster and more efficient than you will be and they’ll be able to streamline your inbox and have it looking clean and tidy.  And hopefully empty!  Anything that is urgent that can only be dealt with by you will be flagged for your attention.

Leaving you to start your day with a clear head and working to YOUR agenda.

Isn’t that refreshing?

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