It’s The Simple Things That WOW Your Patients and Clients

April 1st 2023

2 minutes read

It’s The Simple Things That WOW Your Patients and Clients
Written by LiveLink
April 1st 2023
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Delighting Your Patients and Clients

This week, Jenn had an interesting conversation with a client, and it’s an example of how doing small things can really WOW and delight your patients and clients.

Because of the complexity of what this client does, they wanted to install a second phone line with BT. This set off Jenns grey brain-cells as she knew that it probably wouldn’t be necessary to install a second line.  The wait for a new line is lengthy and of course, the cost of installation and monthly charges is substantial.

Jenn called Chris, our fabulous telecom supplier who quickly suggested a solution that would work for this client.

Rather than having a physical line with BT, he would supply them with one of our virtual numbers and re-route it so that it worked seamlessly for our client.

Jenn called our client explaining how this would work and he was absolutely thrilled. Chris also had a conversation with him. Not only could it be implemented almost immediately, but the total cost of this was under £30 a year.  That’s less than a single months fee for a BT line.

There are often different solutions to issues that are not just more cost-effective, but much simpler to implement. Sometimes, we don’t know what they are as it’s not our area of expertise. We can’t know everything there is to know in this world.

I’m a bit of a ‘fixer’ and like to explore ways to fix issues and that has it’s good points, but when I can’t fix something as something isn’t fixable, it can make me incredibly frustrated.

But issues like this one, we can fix as we have the knowledge, skills and contacts to fix it and provide the perfect solution.

I’m sure there’s something you can do in your business that will blow the socks off your patients and clients.  What can you do?

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