Humans V AI Bots

January 21st 2024

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Humans V AI Bots
Written by LiveLink
January 21st 2024
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Humans V AI Bots

2024 has started with a bang and one of the things I have read recently is that AI is going to be a saviour in the virtual and physical world this year.

Now, whilst  I do concur to a certain degree, for example in the medical profession, perhaps it will be that bots will be able to assist with illness markers through thorough testing and reviewing of patients wellness?

I am drawing the line where it has also been indicated that AI will be able to intelligently automate the customer experience.

Largely though and contradictorily so, another business trend of this year is the good old fashioned human touch – customer service!

I believe, nothing can replace a person in this regard.

Why do I think this?

I can think of many examples where speaking to an actual human has been the difference between getting somewhere and wading through treacle.

An example, that  always comes to mind, happened a good couple of years ago to me.  It involved a hotel that I was staying at, giving my bag, a bag they were keeping for me, to another hotel guest on their check out.

I was in another country. Luckily I had my passport on me, but it did result in me flying home an utter wreck, with just my handbag!

Forms were filled in, hoops jumped through and automated messages, “press 1 for blah blah…” were called.  It took months to resolve and it was only when I actually got in touch and spoke with a human, higher up in the chain of management that anything got done!

Similarly, I know someone recently that had her holiday cancelled. It was just days before she was about to embark on an epic adventure of a lifetime. No apology, no immediate refund, no compensation of hired services/products booked in advance.  Only, recorded messages, unanswered or stock answer emails. Nobody to speak to.  This is a text book lesson on how NOT to deliver your customer service model.  This was a big company to boot!

So, I am here to tell you, in 2024:

Whilst we acknowledge and celebrate the advancement and placement of AI in business and we are happy to apply it where it will benefit our business the most (processes/systems/procedures/e-commerce etc) we at LiveLink Resource, will not be subscribing to AI customer robotic touches.

Every single one of our clients and their clients will receive the personal, knowledgeable, empathetic, kind, patient human service that they have come to know us for, deserve and we have built our reputation on.

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