How to Beat the January Blues?

January 7th 2024

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How to Beat the January Blues?
Written by LiveLink
January 7th 2024
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How to Beat the January Blues?

After the excitement and bustle of the Christmas season, it is completely natural to feel a little down at this time of the year. January, the month of cold weather, dark mornings and (possibly) failing in our New Year’s resolutions collide to create “January Blues”.

Instead of giving into “The January Blues”, why not learn how to beat them? Here are some tips for giving yourself the best start to 2024.

When researching this blog I came across all the normal tips and tricks, like:

Get Day light: Natural sunshine is key, and the vitamin D is welcome.

Stay Fit and Active: Exercise is a natural mood enhancer.

Eat Properly: After all the overindulgence, fruits and veggies are key for more energy.

Set realistic goals both personally and in business: for a sense of accomplishment.

Now even though these are good pieces of advice, perhaps they are too standard a response, no doubt they work, but I thought of some new and fun things to think about as we navigate the post party season road ahead.

  1. Create a “Jar of Joy”:

Write down little moments of happiness on coloured paper and whenever you are feeling a bit glum, reach into the jar for an instant mood lift.

  1. Get Cooking:

Whip up a delicious and nutritionally indulgent recipe. Food (as mentioned above) is a natural high.

  1. Dress for success!

Pick an outfit that makes you feel confident and wonderful. A colourful scarf, quirky socks or even a bold lipstick (careful chaps) something that makes you smile.

  1. Find the humour in everyday:

Try to see the funny side of things, even just the bone chilling battle of the January bite or forgetting to put the lid on your blender resulting in a bright red smoothie ceiling!…  Yes, I have done it!

  1. Create a “Happy Playlist”:

Compile a collection of songs that make you happy or bring back memories. In music there is power. A soundtrack to combat January Blues.

  1. Lastly, understand this is normal:

There are many factors and reasons why many people feel low and lack energy during January and there is nothing ‘wrong’ with having these feelings. Many people will be going through the same or similar feelings. Understanding that it is natural is helpful.

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