Holiday Cover Sorted!

June 30th 2023

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Holiday Cover Sorted!
Written by LiveLink
June 30th 2023
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Holiday Cover – Sorted!

Everyone loves a holiday.  Whether it’s two weeks in the med or an adventure further afield.  Perhaps the odd day out closer to home.

And it’s necessary as every business owner needs to have a break away from the day-to-day madness.

The challenge we all face is how to get away without the business suffering.

You’ll say to yourself ‘I can’t let my patients down.  My patients rely on me.  I need to be in contact with my clients and patients’.  And all manner of variations of the above.

The first two ‘excuses’ – as that’s what they are, are purely to do with your own mind-set.  You don’t bat an eye-lid if your plumber says your work will get done in a couple of weeks as they’re on holiday.  And that goes for you too.

The third ‘excuse’ is valid as yes, you do still need to be in touch with your patients and clients.  As those appointment enquiries are not going to stop because you’re going away.

But, you don’t need to take your phone with you and juggle calls whilst you’re gazing at the Taj Mahal or dancing in Manumission.

There are many virtual assistants and call-management services (like us) that are incredibly experienced and set-up to step in and help you.

We have a bespoke package purely for holiday cover and like your annual travel insurance, it can be used across the whole year.

You deserve a break without interruptions.  You will still be in touch as you can check your messages periodically and catch up with what is happening.

The only FOMO you will have is if you’re missing a fabulous sunset because you have so many other things you want to do.  Juggling phones and patients and clients is not going to be the reason.

Give yourself a break – you deserve it.  Isn’t that why you work 12 hour days for 48 weeks of the year?

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