Healthcare Insurance Payment Management

May 21st 2023

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Healthcare Insurance Payment Management
Written by LiveLink
May 21st 2023
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Insurance Payments

My colleague Jenn and I had a conversation earlier this week about insurance payments.  Spire, AXA, BUPA etc…

Many of our clients take insurance payments.  Some clients because it’s become a habit that they’re scared to break.  Others as they’re recently opened up their clinic and it’s a way of getting social proof and testimonials to kick-start their clinic journey.

There is frustration all round as some of the payments are pretty poor AND the admin required to actually get the money in the account can be time-consuming and arduous.

We can take that burden away and do it for clinics on their behalf, but of course, that comes at a price.  There’s always a compromise somewhere.

But, there doesn’t have to be any compromise.  Ask the patient to do the hard work for you.  Ask them to reclaim the fee themself following the appointment.  They have all of their own details and the invoice and can call and sort it out for themself.

Some of our clients already do this, but others seem to have some kind of ‘block’ here.  Possibly as they see it as their job to do the chasing.  It isn’t!

Not only will they lose revenue on the appointment fee.  They’re also spending an age messing around with Healthcodes and the like which comes at a cost again.

Time to re-think your process?

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