Find out how we helped London Speech Therapy grow from 1 to 30 therapists in 3 years

London Speech Therapy grows from 1 to 30 therapists

Chris Wade has an extremely busy private speech and language therapy company based in London and Cardiff.

Having started London Speech Therapy (LST) from his home in Cardiff, Chris quickly found he was run ragged, not just from the long commute, but due to the demand in private speech therapy.

Chris started LST with the vision of becoming one of the largest and most respected speech and language providers in the UK, supporting private clients with ‘top-up’ therapy that was unavailable within the NHS.

The challenge was the support to underpin the therapy.  The admin involved was complex and Chris didn’t have the time to do this, commute and be a therapist.  There was no physical clinic, so an onsite PA was out of the question.  A London PA would be expensive and not cover all the hours that Chris required.

Due to Chris energy and determination, the expansion was rapid which provided a challenge.

We started working with Chris from zero.  The first tasks were to provide LST with two geographic telephone number; Cardiff and London.  These were used as his main contact number on all of the advertising and the calls came to us at LiveLink.  The second task was to source a registered address for the company in London.

We answered the prospective clients calls and booked appointments for the therapy sessions.  At this stage, we implemented a CRM system to collate client information and to keep track of the stage each enquiry was at.  We drafted and designed letters and terms and conditions that were emailed to the prospective client, along with an electronic contract.

The workload escalated rapidly – booking therapy sessions for 30 therapists, collating therapists expenses, booking rooms within Stratford and Harley Street clinics, raising and sending invoices and, debt chasing.

  • The clinic increased from a sole therapist to 30 therapists with differing levels of experience
  • Streamlined system that integrates seamlessly with the accounts, contracts and payment portal
  • Chris does solely high-level work – tribunals, panels, expert witness, high net-worth clients
  • Chris has more time off
  • KBBO invested in London Speech Therapy, buying 80% of the shares

“I couldn’t take telephone calls or call people back as I was traveling from 4am in the morning until 9pm at night when I was introduced to Wendy. Wendy took the pressure off me by taking my calls and making appointments for me. She devised an admin process to collect information, make sure payment terms and conditions were agreed and booked my time. I employed more therapists to cope with my growth and now there are 30 therapists working across London, Cardiff and the South East. LiveLink books all our appointments without me having any input. I spend much more time now with my wife and young children and no longer have the daily commute from Cardiff to London.

They are probably the best virtual PAs in the UK”

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