Britains Favourite Dish

June 2nd 2023

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Britains Favourite Dish
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June 2nd 2023
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Britains Favourite Dish

Friday 2nd June is a celebration of the UKs favourite food.  Fish and Chips!

Who doesn’t like a plate of white flakey fish encased in crispy batter.  And there’s nothing better than chip shop chips.

In Norfolk. we’re blessed with some of the best in the country.  Brimming with accolades for their delicious offerings.

I have dug out some fun facts about fish and chips.  They made me so hungry for plate of this simple dish, that I’ve ordered a portion from the sublime Grosvenor Fish Bar in Norwich.  Bass with Sass anyone?

Simple things done well are what we all aim to achieve isn’t it?  The same in business – there’s no need to over-complicate things.  Just do what you do to the best of your ability and you can’t go wrong.

Now for some fun fishy facts (which may or may not be true so don’t sue me)

  • Fish and chips were allegedly first served in 1860
  • Over 250 million portions are sold every year
  • Fish and chips were exluded from rationing in both world wars
  • The record number of fish and chip portions sold in one day is 12,406 at Marini’s in Glasgow. The record was set in 1999
  • Chinese serve fish and chips with sugar

The best chippies have to have a pun in their name.  It’s the law isn’t it?  My favourites are Codrophenia closely followed by A Fish Called Rhondda.

Are you heading for Deliveroo or Just Eat now to order yours?

However you eat them, peas, beans, ketchup – even a pickled egg (eurgggh), enjoy them and celebrate those simple pleasures of simple ingredients done well. And you’ll have people queueing at your door.


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