Boosting Your Reviews

March 18th 2023

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Boosting Your Reviews
Written by LiveLink
March 18th 2023
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Boosting Your Reviews

Today, online reviews have become a Crucial part of healthcare marketing. Patients rely heavily on reviews to choose which clinic they want to attend.

When someone Googles for example, a physiotherapist in Norwich, a list of physios will appear. First are the clinics with paid ads, the next list will be maps and reviews.  The clinic with the highest number of reviews will appear first.  And that needs to be you.  Most of these can be systemised too, so it’s not ‘yet another thing’ on your to-do list.

Here are  three suggestions on how you can get more patient reviews:

Encourage Patients to Leave Reviews (sounds obvious!)

The first and foremost thing you can do to get more patient reviews is to ask your patients to leave one.  I know this sounds like stating the obvious, but I bet you often forget. You can place a sign at your reception area or include a message in your post-visit email asking for a review. You could also create a feedback form that patients can fill out and submit online.

It Easy to Leave Reviews (very important)

Many patients want to leave reviews but don’t know how or where to do it. Make it easy for them. Instructions, link to Google and socials.  How about creating a QR code that your patient can scan and it takes them straight to the review link?

Use Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is a powerful tool for healthcare clinics to build their online reputation. Sharing patient stories, posting informative articles and videos, and creating engaging content that encourages your patients to share their experiences. You can also ask patients to leave a review on your social pages or share their experience in the comments section.  This all helps to build up an overall picture to help your patients make a choice.  To choose you!

What can you do to improve your acquistion of reviews?  Do you have a number in your metrics of reviews you have to achieve each month as that would be helpful.  Or is it all a bit hit and miss?

One of the numbers on our dashboard is reviews and that’s Niamhs responsibility. We find that if we don’t have it embedded and can be measured, then it doesn’t get done.

As always, if you’d like to talk this through, I’m always happy to jump on a call.

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