All you do is answer the phone – don’t you?

July 2nd 2018

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All you do is answer the phone – don’t you?
Written by LiveLink
July 2nd 2018
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There are times when people say to me “Well, all you do is answer the phone, so what is the point of that?”

My answer is, we don’t just answer the phone – we answer correctly (and there is a correct way!) and we always answer as if we’re really pleased to speak to them.

There are call answering companies that answer the phone and take a message, telephone number and of course the name, and they will email that information to the client-that is really useful. Because someone answering the phone is better than nobody, or it going to a voicemail message. It’s not the clients’ business to have to chase you – it’s the other way around.

I have always thought that when somebody rings up, the big benefit to our client is that we can actually do something with that call. Do something so that you do not have to call them back and find out all the information again and then deal with it yourself.

We’re a call answering company biased towards sales, so making the sale for you at the time of the call. When somebody calls us on behalf of a client what we try to do is either convert that sale for them if it is an inquiry, and failing that, if they don’t want us to convert that inquiry now, we will put all the information into our client’s own CRM system with a task for them to deal with it later.

As well as taking information, if it’s a clinic, a trades-person, a builder, a plumber, osteopath, doesn’t matter which, there will be a calendar. The calendar is shared with us and the appointments booked in straight away.

It might be to book an appointment to have some treatment for example, or it might be an appointment for a roofer or a window manufacturer to go and quote on a job, but we do that there and then whilst the customer is on the phone rather than you lose that sale by having to call them back. It stops the client calling someone else in the meantime.

So do we just answer calls? No, I don’t think we do. I think the benefit to using us is that we’re part of your business and we will solve your problems so that you don’t have to. You can go about doing the work that you do best.

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