4 ways a VA helps Speech and Language Therapists

April 5th 2017

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4 ways a VA helps Speech and Language Therapists
Written by LiveLink
April 5th 2017
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What do you think a virtual assistant can do for you to make your life better?

Let me tell you in a few words how a virtual assistant could help you. It doesn’t make any difference what sort of stage you’re at in your practice at the moment. Whether you’re working on your own or whether you aspire to an all singing, all dancing big therapy centre. A great VA will become an integral part of your business and team.

Your telephone calls

Why are you answering them, or even worse, leaving them to go to voicemail. You need to get your calls answered and using a VA will stop you juggling seeing people and answering your calls. Brilliant!

Your callers will often be very anxious as well and find calling quite stressful. They will want to speak to someone straightaway and leaving a voicemail isn’t always that easy. Especially for people who’ve got speech difficulties, leaving a voicemail is way out of their comfort zone. That’s something a VA can take away from you.

How about having a great clinical system?

Look at where you want to be say in a year’s time and set it up based on that. Because they are all very different, you need to get the right one. A specialist VA can help you set that up and choose the right one for you. Really saves you a load of time.

Getting back to your phones, you’re going to be working with schools and you know how difficult it is to get through to school’s SENCO. Going backwards and forwards playing ‘telephone tennis’ to sort out complex arrangements.
A VA can cut that time scale right down because they’re at the other end of the phone for you and can deal with that for you. Liaising with the school and arranging the meetings. Contracts, terms and all those tick boxes all checked for you.
I bet you’re doing a lot of this in the evening and that’s not great for you, for your stress levels. It’s limiting your growth and not great for your family either.

On top of that, of course, you’ve got to keep up with all your development and the CPD. I don’t know when you get time for that if you’re dealing with all the admin and the calls plus all the challenges that you face every single day. That’s how a VA can help you. Taking some of that stress away. For goodness’ sake, you might even get to actually go out with your friends and family every now and again without constantly wondering if anybody’s leaving you voicemails, which is just bonkers.

Everybody needs a bit of time out and you’re no different

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