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Did you lose any business today?

Did you miss a call?  Perhaps your caller never left a voicemail message – do you know how much that single missed call may have cost you?

Now multiply that by 20 and you could have missed AT LEAST 20 PATIENTS OR CUSTOMERS THIS MONTH ALONE 

Don’t let your customers get away because they WILL speak to your competitors instead!

Every time that you miss a call, you are handing that business to your competitor on a plate and that is business that you are entitled to. There is an easy way to keep all that fabulous business for yourself. Quite simply, get someone else to answer your phone!

  • Do you want your receptionist to be articulate, eloquent and entirely focused on your company and clients?
  • Do you want your receptionist to understand your clients?
  • Do you want your receptionist to make your company look brilliant AND save you time and money?
  • Are you spending money on advertising your company and not answering your calls?
  • Are you keeping your competitors wealthy?
  • If you are shouting ‘yes’, we are the telephone answering service for you! Want to know more about us, just click here.

We are professional, friendly virtual super-heroes! Your callers will assume that we are your own personal P.A and not a scripted call-centre. Don’t take our word for it, this is what one of our customers has to say

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I have been using the team for some years now. They make my life much easier. As the ‘face’ of my business to anyone calling, it’s very important that they give the right impression. I can be sure each call is answered as I would like. Messages taken are concise, accurate and reliable. It’s easy to move to them and Id recommend you do….. As soon as possible!
Libby Hill, Smart Talkers, Stafford
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